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 “A dog can express more
 with his tail in minutes
 than his owner can  express with his tongue
in hours.”

 Dogs have 25 times more
 smell receptors than
 humans and can detect
 odors at concentrations
 nearly 100 million times
 lower than what humans
 can smell.  Who said
 humans are superior!


 "You may have a dog that won't
 sit up, roll over or even cook
 breakfast, not because she's
 too stupid to learn how but 
 because she's too smart to
 bother." -
    Rick Horowitz,
    Chicago Tribune

 "In order to really enjoy a dog, 
 one doesn't merely try to train
 him to be semi-human. The
 point of it is to open oneself to
 the possibility of becoming
 partly a dog."
       Edward Hoagland

 Sincere thanks to all the Akita
 owners and breeders who
 shared their photos and stories.


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  Oh, that got your attention!  Did you just see the movie starring Richard Gere and a cast of Akitas?  Now you want one just like that for your very own. Such loyalty, such beauty, you think you can own a living icon of dedication and loyalty like Hachiko and you want one immediately.  Did you know that Mr. Gere said that Akitas are not food motivated, not anxious to please you but are stubborn, difficult to train and will work when they can please themselves.  Yes, they are all of that and more, so before you run out to buy a Hachiko, please spend some time at this website to learn what it's really like to live with an Akita.  It's all about preparation, education and willingness to accept these dogs for what they are.  This is not a movie, this is life--yours and theirs.  

 We also thank the Hallmark Channel and Richard Gere for their generous donations to the Akita Rescue Society of America.  The money was split between two of the largest groups needing help.              

  Is an Akita the right breed for you?  Forget the stories that you have heard about Akitas and aggression--humans are far more aggressive and many of those lack the reasoning skills of Akitas! Akitas have long been known for their loyalty regardless of the treatment they receive from their human companions.  This breed is used with great success as therapy dogs, in all canine sports, but most of all, they excel as family dogs. 

  Like all dogs, Akitas need to be well socialized and trained to suit your family.  That  socialization and training should continue throughout their lives.  They need to be part of the family, not simply isolated in a yard and then taken out at your convenience. 

  Like all dogs, Akitas do not like to be teased, but then which one of us likes to be perpetually teased and tormented? Treat an Akita with genuine affection, nurture the early bonds of puppy-hood and become a leader in the eyes of your Akita and your kids and then, yes, an Akita can be the right breed for you.

  They are gorgeous puppies but grow into a large, powerful and proud animal.  If you need a breed that will remain a lap dog, Akitas may not be your ideal choice; some folks like to have their Akitas snuggling beside them and not sitting on top of them!

  They are ideal for the home office person since they are happy to stay by your side forever and they never download the wrong programs from the Internet!

  Because they are such wonderful home companions, they need a regular exercise program but then, so do you!  Walking your Akita every day is reason enough to have one. Their size and majestic appearance will often start conversations with the right people but will definitely deter the wrong people!

  Throughout this website, you can visit these Akitas and their families to learn more about the breed.  We highly recommend joining the Akita Club of America and getting involved in keeping Akitas safe from the wrong people but available to all the good people on earth!

  Which brings me to the purpose of this website.  Akitas, like every other breed that gains popularity in America, can end up in the wrong hands.  Dogs are property--plain and simple in the eyes of the law.  That means that anyone can own an Akita. And that's why some of these magnificent dogs get into trouble.  They are abused, abandoned and occasionally involved in bite cases.  They have been added to uninsurable breed lists maintained by insurance companies--all of which are an unsubstantiated form of "racism." 

  So, if you are a breeder, please take your responsibilities very seriously since your guidance to a family selecting a puppy can make all the difference in how the relationship builds and if it lasts.  You are the first bastion of keeping Akitas safe!

  If you are an owner, you already know a good deal about the traits of your own Akita and if you're having a problem, this is a place where you may find some answers.  At the least, we are willing to help you locate someone with knowledge.

  If you are one of the few who would like to see any breed banned from ownership, perhaps this website will show you how wrong you are in assuming that dogs are born with mental illness--that is a human disease.

Barbara Bouyet
bouyet@yahoo.com to send photos.

(We are not responsible for any stupidity or irresponsible actions of current or future owners of Akitas or other breeds.  This website is for sharing the joy of owning an Akita raised correctly with SOCIALIZATION and OBEDIENCE TRAINING!  We encourage you to act responsibly and lovingly!)

If you own an Akita or once owned an Akita, please join with the Akita Club of America and fill out the professionally designed, important Health Survey at:


We need your input.

Now to those of you who wish to own an Akita and are willing to share your heart with one that is in desperate need of a proper home.  Visit this website and put in your zip code: 
















is owned by Barbara Bouyet.

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 Every day 70,000 puppies 
 and kittens are born but
 only 10,000 humans are
 born in the United States.
 As long as these birth
 rates exist, there will never
 be enough homes for all
 the animals. 

       Spay & Neuter!


“They are superior to human beings as companions.  They do not quarrel or argue with you. They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.”
      Jerome K. Jerome


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